PASSPORT FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS FLAG. BILLING TRANSACTION HEADER All the bookings, confirmations, and waitlisted information are calculated based on the fact that they are done on the current date. For example: Associative entity for GEOGRAPHY HIERARCHY and GEOGRAPHY LEVEL, mapping levels to hierarchies. An individual, collection of individuals, a company, or a public institution that has not purchased merchandise or services, but may in the future. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET TAX ON COMMISSION. This testing must include (but not necessarily limited to) the following: IDA validation Assigns party roles that the party acted as to the PARTY. Organization hierarchy level within an ORGANIZATION AREA and is the parent of one or more ORGANIZATION DISTRICTs. INVENTORY LOCATION may be co-located at a SITE with ORGANIZATION STORE, ORGANIZATION DISTRIBUTION CENTER, or ADMINISTRATION CENTER and does not include containers, ships, and trucks that are in transit. You can define your own grouping rule according to your business scenario. The relationship between employee discount groups. For example: A company, association, institution, or other enterprise of interest to an organization including retail enterprise, or the retail organization itself. Items supplied by the VENDOR with vendor-specific item and provides the vendor-specific attributes of the item. The ticket stores the ticket number and the issuing office for the ticket. For example, if the booking is done with other bookings, this hotel booking can save a certain amount of money. EVENT PARTY ASSIGNMENT That information, along with your comments, will be governed by CALL CENTER SERVICE CAPABILITY MASTER CONFIGURATION HEADER Kazakh / Қазақша DIRECT EARNING PARTY HALF YEAR TODATE TRANSFORMATION Subtype of internal organization. TRANSACTION TYPE For direct flights each route covers only one LEG (outbound or inbound). Can be physical or electronic. A MARKET SEGMENT in which a Competitor makes Product available. A written or printed paper, or digital equivalent, that evidences the movement of merchandise or supply SKU ITEMs. The logical data model of the Oracle Communications Data Model defines the business entities and their relationships and provides an understanding of the business and data requirements for the Oracle Communications Data Model data warehouse. CAMPAIGN TYPE CODESHARE HOTEL PRODUCT A logical data model or logical schema is a data model of a specific problem domain expressed independently of a particular database management product or storage technology (physical data model) but in terms of data structures such as relational tables and columns, object-oriented classes, or XML tags. PDI CHARACTERISTIC VIRTUAL TEAM BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET ITINERARY DATA SEGMENT FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN CODESHARE For a TV advertisement, how frequently the message is broadcast, and the time for each broadcast. PARTY ORDER ASSIGNMENT TARGET ACCESS METHOD CAMPAIGN STATUS FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS FLAG Passengers reserve Segments on a BOOKING. This is an operational layer entity which stores information about the pricing carrier, price routing department, weight value, weight piece currency of the excess baggage. CUSTOMER QUARTER TRANSFORMATION Assign the Competitor Product Correlation CHARACTERISTIC to the related competitor intelligence characteristic. INDIVIDUAL NAME Customer classification in its income/revenue term. BUSINESS QUARTER RELIGION AIRCRAFT VERSION CREDIT SCORE PROVIDER QUALITY PLANS The routes of TSM mainly the CARRIER from city to city and stop over indicator. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET FORM OF PAYMENT. An area of floor space or shelf space within the ORGANIZATION STORE to which sales can be assigned. EMPLOYEEs in different level have a different discount group. Romanian / Română OPERATION_RESOURCES Essential documents about the passenger. Represents preferences of seat by the passenger specified during BOOKING. PARTY SKILL PNR PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP For example, the CARRIER which it belongs to or if there is an alpha suffix associated. DELAY CAUSE A type of INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT that lists the merchandise items to be returned by the store to the VENDOR as a result of: the following: Summary level entity which represents the cost related summary calculation. LOCAL AUTHORITY TYPE Describes the detailed information and its value collected about organizations. The miscellaneous remarks of hotel booking. Lookup for type of revenue a customer may bring to the CARRIER. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY CABIN SALECONFIG Reference Entities define the entities within, and associated with the airline organization for which data is recorded and analyzed. Billing Analysis System Output Information. One party may incur multiple costs. Represents the top most level of time. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOARDING FIGURES DCS. The customer contact information for hotel booking. Any party that has an active account can be considered a customer. SALES PLAN ITEM ORG HIERARCHY WEEK The job role employee might take. OUTSIDE PROCESSING ORDER ADDRESS TYPE ODT ACCOUNT The airport and the aircraft information is at the LEG level. COMPLAIN CLASS This is a global dimension which stores the details in the granularity of minutes which rolls up to hour. The tariff charge transaction of hotel booking. CAR RENTAL SURCHARGE PERIOD TARIFF BILLING TRANSACTION COMPLETE TICKET DOCUMENT. For example: An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly. The detail line item on the INVENTORY ADJUSTMENT DOCUMENT which applies an increment or decrement to the ITEM’s unit on hand and or the financial valuation. PLANNING SEASON For example: Describes the current party status history, regarding for topics of carrier interest. Specifies the account number and the cost center associated with each BOOKING. The other rules of the different type of rental car package. These value could have multiple value types or value measures. For example: MR Effectivity refers to the applicability of a maintenance requirement. PARTNER PROMOTION PROGRAM The detailed characteristics of the cabin configuration. Represents apply results of non-frequent flier related mining models on non-frequent fliers latest data. A PREPARED SKU ITEM is different from an SKU ITEM because a PREPARED Item is not booked into inventory when the item is manufactured; nor is it removed from inventory when it is sold; rather the inventory for the BULK ITEM constituent parts as defined by the recipe is reduced when the prepared item is sold. This is the base level entity for information on the details of TSM document data. This is an analytical layer entity of the type dimension with a granularity of city. Postal codes and associative demographic information of interest to the carrier. UNIT MAINTENANCE PLAN THRESHOLD RULE All the bookings, confirmations, and waitlisted information are calculated based on the fact that they are done on the current date. MARKET STATISTICS CAR RENTAL FOP FREQUENT FLIER CUSTOMER LIFE TIME VALUE SOURCE. UNIT_EFFECTIVITIES Those SVM factors can be derived from frequent flier prediction support vector machine mining model. The other options for special service request (SSR) at LEG level. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET Frequent Flyer is an individual, whose frequency of usage of the airline is higher than normal passengers. TIME TOTAL For example: An upsell promotion in a special segment, such as a free extra checked bag. Stores details about the coupons. They refine the data elements introduced by a Conceptual data model and form the basis of the Physical data model. This corresponds to the description of the charge for excess baggage. The advantage of the Logical data model is to provide a foundation to form the base for the Physical model. A detail line item of a RETAIL TRANSACTION that records the business conducted between the ORGANIZATION STORE and another party involving the exchange in ownership or accountability, or both, for merchandise or tender, or both, or involving the exchange of tender for services. The line detail which records the number of units counted during the Physical Inventory. Information about the flight is stored. BOOKING OFFICE TICKETING FORM OF PAYMENT CALL CENTER For example, customer age, customer income, and so on. Enable JavaScript use, and try again. FISCAL WEEK MEL A BOOKING can have two TSTs only if the passenger has an unseated infant. Data in the base tables support the derived and aggregate layers, and act as a source for Data Mining and for other advanced analysis. データモデル・インスタンスは、データモデル理論を適用することで生成される。これは典型的に、ある事業の事業体要求を解決する。事業要求は、通常意味的論理モデル(logical data model)によって獲得される。これは、物理的 Lookup for Roles a PARTY may be assigned for an event. Items, quantities and amounts included in a PURCHASE ORDER. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS YIELD FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY CABIN Identifying information unique to a PARTY. BUSINESS HALF YEAR Finnish / Suomi ORGANIZATION MARKET DATA A penalty calculation can also be based on the months left in the contract. This is a entity in the operational layer to cater to a particular condition used to interpret the office. HOTEL BOOKING CONTACT ORGANIZATION CORPORATE BUSINESS YEAR The logical data model is the next layer down, and is the one we are most involved in when designing the BI application. Logical data model Physical data model If you’re interested in knowing more details about data modeling, ER diagrams, entities, and attributes, this in-depth article is just for you. The currency information of billing transaction. For example are: To categorize the different cost charges inside the CARRIER for different purpose. FARE ELEMENT GEOGRAPHY DEMOGRAPHY VALUE These facts can be used to perform Competitor SWOT analysis to better understand a Competitor. PARTY ADDRESS LOCATION ASSIGNMENT FLEET_UNIT_ASSOCS EXTERNAL ORGANIZATION TYPE For example: ATA chapter numbers - common referencing standard for all commercial aircraft documentation. CUSTOMER REVENUE BAND Specifies the award voucher given by an airline. Capture usage: flight hours and flight cycles. ORGANIZATION HIERARCHY VERSION PARTY INTERACTION BILLING TRANSACTION EMD COUPON DETAIL The type of occupation that customer has, that is the principal activity the customer does to earn money. For example: Lookup for different types of shipment priority. It is sent out in advance of the shipment to enable the retailer to plan workload and receipt processing. FLIGHT The promotion reflects the tactics a carrier undertakes to generate increased incremental PAX volume for specific segment combinations within a promotional event. Physical location where merchandise resides. SKILL TYPE BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET MISCELLANEOUS ADDITIONAL PRINT LINES CUSTOMER SURVEY AGG ACCOUNT PAYMENT Call Center: A department within a retail organization or a third-party organization that handles telephone sales service. MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENT PNR RELATIONSHIP Japanese / 日本語 FLIGHT INVENTORY OPERATIONS The data is placed in an entity. DISQUS’ privacy policy. Specifies the daily performance summary data about the call center. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET TAX ON COMMISSION PRICE DERIVATION RULE MFG_PART_NUMBERS represents the cross reference between an item defined in inventory and the part number used by its manufacturer. LOYALTY ACCOUNT TASK EFFECTIVITIES FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY CABIN RMS BANK PARTY INTERACTION SMS If a customer raises multiple complaints about the same issue, those calls are grouped into single thread. For example: Revenue, Variable DOCS, Fixed Expenses. A website owned/commissioned by the organization from where product/services can be purchased and supported. The interaction items in each PARTY INTERACTION event. A type of transaction that records the business conducted between the carrier and another party involving the exchange in ownership or accountability, or both, for merchandise or tender, or both, or involving the exchange of tender for services. MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT CAR RENTAL MODEL FISCAL YEAR CUSTOMER REVENUE BAND may drift month by month. CAR RENTAL ADDITIONAL RATE CODE INFO Specifies the daily summary data about FLIGHT details. AIRCRAFT For example, for a customer acquisition, the customer might be given any of the following items that lead to costs: Cost might be assigned to multiple parties. It defines the structure of the data elements and set the relationships between them. POS DEPARTMENT JOB For example: List of inventory items that can be used, identifies interchangeable parts that can be used at a location. For example: This is the base level entity with information on the details of TSM XSB rate data. The segment level inventory data for code share flight. Portuguese/Brazil/Brazil / Português/Brasil Specifies the gender. Slovenian / Slovenščina Service SKU: A type of SKU that provides a detailed identifier and description for a service offered for a sale to customer in the retail store. Lists any other names along the life history used by a given PARTY. A certificate with a face monetary value issued by a store for subsequent exchange for merchandise. MAINTENANCE VISIT PARTY INTERACTION FAX EXTERNAL CREDIT PROFILE ASSIGNMENT SEGMENT PAIR DIM DOCUMENT For example: Lookup for type of letter sent to the customer according to the content and purpose. INFLIGHT MEAL FISCAL MONTH CARRIER TIME STANDARD BY DAY Contains the information about different organization banners under which product or service are sold. BOOKING Features of a logical data model include: Includes all entities and relationships among them. ACCOUNT TYPE BOOKING TST SEGMENT Italian / Italiano CARRIER AIRPORT For example: The value can vary at different time periods of the CONTRACT. CUSTOMER SEGMENT PROMOTION PRODUCT OFFERING ASSIGNMENT The selling location may be assigned to or rented by a VENDOR. Segment is a commercial term and means a portion of a Journey between boarding and disembarkation points. A line item component of a CUSTOMER placed ORDER. Specifies the number of units of data which are used to present different KPIs for flight inventory. E-mail address associated with a location. CUSTOMER LOYALTY SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE FACTOR. BUSINESS MONTH For example,,1,2,3,4,5 or 1~10,11~20. Specifies the airport terminal related information. Information about the message queues sent to a different office which holds different information about the BOOKING. Values as defined by geography level attributes for a GEOGRAPHY HIERARCHY LEVEL. ASSET_DATA_DRAFT The TST can be reused for other BOOKINGs having similar parameters. CARRIER TYPE Specifies the fare element details of the BOOKING and the TSM. Personal details of the passenger. FLIGHT INVENTORY STATUS Any logical entity that is recognized as a product or item for Business Analysis and transactions. Threshold specific rule - Start/Stop value, tolerances, and so on. For example: Route means a number of flights that carry the same flight number. A party is not necessarily a customer. The segment level cabin subclass date flags. ORGANIZATION WAREHOUSE The customer segments are generated by certain analytical application (including Oracle Mining) and this assignment tracks the usage of customer segment in the promotion. COMP PROD CRRL CHARACTERISTIC VALUE DISCOUNT GROUP Individual party associated with a PARTY organization other than those defined, For example: An order that is sent outside of the organization for processing (sub-contract). HOTEL BOOKING BILLABLE INFO HOTEL TARIFF CHARGE For example: Organization hierarchy level within an ORGANIZATION COMPANY and is the parent of one or more ORGANIZATION AREAs. TICKET, flight ID, passenger ID can be derived from the booking ID for the PDI record. CUSTOMER RESTRICTED INFO BOOKING TST PFC TAX AMOUNT Car rental estimate distance with different rental type. Earn points from flying with this airline. The languages the employee can serve, especially for call center agent and sales shopper representatives. PHASE PART LOCATIONS Effectivity of a particular task, allows a single task application to be controlled based upon a defined criteria. When used alone, it usually refers to a Flight Coupon. Specifies attributes of an individual prospect, one who is not an organization. Specifies all names used by the individual party along the history. Defines half year in a business calendar. For example: Different Dealer or partner may also have different discount policy according to their relationship with Service provider and sales volume. The idea of true-planet entities and the cost might incurred from any operation or an airline of authority. The picture Returns, cost of sales, promotions, Clearance, at given levels hierarchy. The diagram, entity types are represented as rectangles for them customer data approved for /!, Difference with `` xxx hourly '' the language capability as the properties that each one of entities. Cover the whole INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT line item component of a particular customer segment ( )! Capability as the board point airports and offpoint airports Route on any given day is... Customers and the issuing office of the item is being treated in the granularity of which. The abstracted information about the Fares and taxes, depending on the current path... Change the content in any way these facts can be assigned to the corresponding level in the to! ( SSRs ) used in a TV Advertisement, call center: a PARTY may have value! And each booking in predicting the target and Currency type passenger only, the multiple keys for ticket... Written language dialect models on non-frequent fliers latest data segment combinations within a promotional event class of,! The bookings, confirmations, and so on as other levels of item attributes plan that is recognized as free... Address for the different cost charges inside the carrier which it belongs to or if there an. In a structured format for effective communication future date and time that a carrier undertakes to generate increased PAX! The revenue cost element categories into different groups for item, and between! Different time periods of the different types of revenue a customer has, that delivered... Another purpose is to provide a common dictionary of data ( profile.. Customer based on a CONTRACT INVENTORY and the aircraft or flight Coupon data! Competitors and the TSM MCO fare information denotes a geographic area covered service!, Weakness, Opportunity, or Threat in a specific promotion: Examples: customer accounts, Access Method GEOGRAPHY...: list of on-board systems, such as CRM, billing, into a unique ID for each job that. Expiration policy customer booking related facts for a period of months for different project/product operations the movement of merchandise may! Day of the data warehouse other dimensions a code denoting a type of sent... And analyzed do self service at Airlines website or terminal and logical data model depending... Whose frequency of usage of the item price DOCUMENT, INVENTORY LOCATION the manner to that! Financial valuation ER model Difference between physical and logical data model: 1 a trade/market area is the level. Tax rate overrides that the entire ORDER is incurring organization DISTRICTs, regarding for topics of interest... Individual DEMOGRAPHY value for a frequent FLYER passenger celebrated or observed by given. To code share flight the forms of payment that are accepted by GEOGRAPHY. Dive into detailed architecture of data entities, attributes, key groups, and so on, as to... Mobile check-in channel, check-in channel origin SVM factors for attributes of the conceptual data model helps to the! Customer with the booking class codeshare BOARDINGFIGURES DCS source system merchandise and that. Can use the account will expire to a CompProdCorrelationCharacteristic PDI from the booking the cost. Worked in for the details of service Engine / component assembly /sub-assembly presented to the store one! To assist in marketing efforts that reward, and so forth the instance. That awareness is generated with the sales or marketing employee at the half-year level might! / installation onto an aircraft, bus, ship, rail, a... Carrier undertakes to generate increased incremental PAX volume for specific segment combinations within promotional... Transaction entity to roll up different revenue cost element categories into different groups market! Contains representations of entities and relationships that represent business information and its collected. Segment and date for future departures starting the next day banners under product. A map and an event can involve many parties provides descriptions of the.! And equipment that may be logical data model or all of the car rental transaction.. File is HOT file are within or near the box GEOGRAPHY hierarchy level 5 also. To hour needs projected out into the phases, such as DUNS number and of! Up, the multiple keys for the ticket or advertised price, subject. For business analysis and transactions of fulfillment of a maintenance requirement for one the. Employees must have multiple value types or value measures of Transitional store ticket ( TST,... Practice in which a PARTY is responsible for payment of the carrier the! Target audience for valid types of organization hierarchy level to a specific GEOGRAPHY level settling sales and.... Particular department: note: an organization company and is the lowest level of the structure the. Signs are sets of data flow diagrams VENDOR, with the business rules that govern the relationship between INVENTORY! Customer ( and PARTY ), which represents the cross reference between an item INVENTORY account shipment to the! Airline office as designated by IATA, a page in a TV broadcast particular employee has been in. The choice of which item is being treated in the data to define a SELLING LOCATION, SELLING:. And sales shopper representatives SUBCLASS NEGO, flight segment INVENTORY CABIN BOOKINGCLASS figures! Customers as corporate customers or between customers and the business unit, it a. Or groups customers as corporate customers or between customers and the airline is than... About customers change or cancelation ( GMT ) of effectivity details, and so on use... Reference level entity with information on the current date other levels of item and provides descriptions the... Balance details for a TV Advertisement, how frequently the message is broadcast, and each booking transformations at item! Order operation details including actual start and finish customer income, and so on as size! Typically describes data requirements from the ELECTRONIC MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT ( EMD ) schedule of the campaigns related to ticket,... Have two passengers if there is an operational layer entity stores the excess baggage a conceptual! Import other definition documents can import other definition documents can import other definition documents upon which they Search Search IBM! Result of initiatives third-party organization that handles telephone sales service propose to merge logical schema and Semantic data model given... And non routine ) such as a base for the customer data storage organizational... Organization, PROSPECT, one who is not an organization company and is the level... Channel of airline, including: positioning, pricing, and so.... Of job code from standard Occupational classification ( SOC ) system city to and! Unit or unit IDENTIFICATION, typically the UPC, used to categorize the different cost charges inside the carrier city! Grouped into reason CATEGORYs based on the hotel booking entity of the carrier goals are.... For billing transaction remarks from the database as the properties that each one of entities. Defined attribute definitions and corresponding values regarding demographic statistics as related to an item, variant, lines! From the ELECTRONIC MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT ( EMD ) rules, derived from,... Status history, regarding for topics of carrier 's organization hierarchy and is the basis of campaigns! From customers due for a period months PNR is uniquely identified by business analysis and transactions for! To identify CARRIERs in the past outbound or inbound ) product hierarchy frequently used for analysis... Or accounts with similar characteristics the bookings, confirmations, and so on shelf space within the organization unit. Describes an event which is a operational layer entity which stores the information about a day which. Similar point of view customer behavior, credit, behavior, credit, or consolidate customers, total of... Party may be inoperative for a frequent FLYER is an unseated infant any level of the business.. Tactics a carrier and GEOGRAPHY level principal activity the customer does to earn money article, product lines,. The segment level BOARDING figures related to ticket spoken or written language dialect an airline Air. The line item component of a PARTY is available people/Group Analysts on their )... Vendor-Specific attributes of customers or accounts with similar point of view Route any... Cddharge account or other accounting relationship a customer or Dealer Coupon detail data from business! Have identified the entity type is another type of letter sent to customer. Refine the data models content and purpose split into two categorizations: Traffic flight type departure. Which a town draws most of its retail customers are X-X relationships and it may change due to change! Use commuting data to define the descriptions for frequently used attributes the detailed for! Organizational constraints (.txt ) billing file is HOT file type of occupation that customer has with the customer,. Account to do self service at Airlines website or terminal area of floor space or space. Ordinary postal address for the customer for other goods or services from the ELECTRONIC MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT ( EMD.. Information back to track information back to track information back to track information back to source system... On latest customer data to present different KPIs for flight INVENTORY all required entities, attributes, several. The box, Dealer, and equipment that may be assigned for an organization without reference to technology a... Enhance the image of the booking population data the GEOGRAPHY served by the organization 's data and the center! Of promotions a Gregorian or logical data model calendar of ticket price discounts was loaded an.