This creatively includes humor and also holds the woman’s attention in a way that can be difficult on dating apps like Tinder. This profile works because it’s so freakin’ adorably optimistic. Bio #11: Be Subtle With Your Sarcasm Sarcasm can be a great way to show your humor when used correctly, but there are times when you may not want to use sarcasm at all. Moving on, here’s one of the funniest Tinder bio examples I found during my research: I don’t know when or why this became a thing on Tinder, but don’t do it. If you use photos where you’re holding alcohol and/or drunk, you’re telling women that you’re an alcoholic. It's generally more effective to use a website like PhotoFeeler to gather data on your most promising Tinder photos, and then make your selection accordingly. Even guys need to have that added advantage to make their profile look attractive to the opposite gender. Also, like pizza, people are pretty unanimous in their love of tacos. By saying something like, “Got my life together just looking for more,” you’re showing that you want a relationship but you’re not wallowing in sadness over singledom. Think about what makes you special as opposed to things you may be lacking. No I won’t play Don’t Stop Believing!”. Also, include them in a way that instantly makes sense. If your pics are blah, it’s game over. Everything in this guy’s profile is pretty solid. [Cost, Features & How It Works! Très bien, indeed! “My perfect Sunday includes morning tennis, Scrabble, playing a bingo in Scrabble, winning Scrabble, and then night tennis. Here’s a simple winner that made me crave more: This one is just strange enough to work. What’s even worse is that these selfies are normally paired with a vacant stare. Maybe you’re worried that your friends don’t want their picture on Tinder or one of the people in the photo is an ex. You might look like a killer in your photos if you: -Have “scary muscles” that could snap a babe’s neck. An informal poll of this writer’s female friends brought up the most aggravating issue we run into when looking at guys on Tinder. Feel free to indulge in your quirky side when it comes to crafting your bio. Why is she so calm about it, then? In, case, you look like a serial killer and I am immediately becoming less aware of your abs and more fixated on the fact that a date with you could play out like an episode of, Don’t look unemployed and definitely don’t. Let’s get real, the bio makes or breaks a dating profile.It’s (almost) as important as your photos, and it can mean the decision between a Like or a Nope.Those looking for advice and inspiration should take note of these winning Tinder bios, which Reddit users spotted in the wild. Tinder Bio: are you looking for a tinder bio for your profile to update your old tinder bio and use a new one to impress a girl or boy. There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd, especially when you embrace it like this guy. This falls right in line with Tinder sociologist Dr. Jessica Carbino’s theory that if she can’t make eye contact with you, she subconsciously fears you might be hiding something so you seem less trustworthy. On that note, here are some of the best examples of witty Tinder bios that can make your profile interesting and appealing. Steal Our 8 Best-Performing Profiles When You Download This FREE Guide... Now You Can Copy & Paste Your Way To Responses On Tinder. Thousands of singles have trusted VIDA Select with this incredibly important mission, and we're ready to make you our next success story. Putting emojis over the faces of other people in your photo is just creepy. In this case, the guy is clearly being funny and not being negative, which is a common problem a lot of guys run into when using dating apps. Tinder is a game. I know that man buns and beards are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your comb or forego doing laundry. And after you’ve chosen your favorite bio example below, don’t forget to check out my articles on the best Tinder opening lines for guys and my best Facebook Dating Profiles. The bottom 80% of guys compete for the same pool of the bottom 22% of women. Check out these examples of the best Tinder bios for guys and for girls that can be an inspiration for creating your own catchy Tinder bio profile. From certain angles, ferrets can resemble rats, and some women are going to be thinking, “Why is he holding a rat? Recent failures include: Fainting after my first 10k, losing my wallet while crowd surfing, and not being able to get chopsticks out of my head. Dense blocks of text, even 500-character or less ones, aren’t as appealing. Take a look at this super positive and clever tinder bio: Why do guys keep doing this? Online dating was once snubbed as desperate and creepy. The purpose of a written bio is to humanize yourself. If you want to have one of the best Tinder bios for men, don’t come off as insecure or you’re guaranteed to get left swiped more often than not. speak French while designing or building things? Again, if you have an interesting hobby, be sure to list it. While studying abroad in Mexico City I had my first authentic pastor taco. these bios are hyper-effective on apps like Tinder, so you can write one that’s 100% you. Split-second decisions determine your fate on Tinder, so make sure your bio hits all the right notes. It is the key deciding factor of a lot of hookups on Tinder. When in doubt, always use humor to attract more matches.”. Steer clear of the eggplant – 75% of singles said it was the biggest turnoff of any emoji. This is because women are attracted to confidence. Love to spend my weekends in Florida’s State volunteer shelter. But don’t make that mistake – you’ll get 4x fewer matches than guys who have a Tinder bio. According to Tinder’s in-house data, the majority of guys wear black, or another neutral tone, in their photos. Eating shrimp is in itself a pricey habit, but just imagine how much more expensive it is if every time you eat shrimp you also need a side order of epinephrine. ?” will just turn girls off and limit your success. Seven years later, I’m still here.”, “The most spontaneous thing I ever did was cook mole negro for my family on Christmas. The guy in this screenshot is succinctly noting three things that are awesome when they stand alone (a French engineer, a personal development mentor, and a fitness enthusiast). Remember, you want to capture a woman’s attention fast so that she swipes right. The last thing you want to do is highlight a hobby in your profile that interests you, but in a way that is virtually guaranteed to turn her off. Copy & Paste Our Best Profile Examples To Get More Views, More Responses, And More Dates! In that case, you look like a serial killer and I am immediately becoming less aware of your abs and more fixated on the fact that a date with you could play out like an episode of Law & Order: SVU. She wants someone that will improve her, surprise her, and that will bring her out of her comfort zone. But these three things are even more compelling when placed side by side. I have so many questions — and that’s the point. (But only activate that once you've got a solid lineup. People only even read a person’s Tinder bio after already liking their pics. The same rule applies to someone who says, “I’m funny.”. Remember, the idea is to get a reaction even before you guys are talking. The old adage about nice guys finishing last is false. People naturally gravitate to things that are easy to read and understand, and studies show simple language makes you seem more likable and more intelligent.