Eligible for free shipping. Steering Wheel Hardware Kit Meets N.M.M.A. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. HC5323-3 Cylinder Assembly. FEATURES • Patented steering lock valves. MODEL DESCRIPTION JP1040SS 400SS 4” Manual Jackplate 4” Setback with Side Locks JP1060SS 600SS 6” Manual Jackplate 6” Setback with Side Locks JP1080SS 800SS 8” Manual Jackplate 8” Setback with Side Locks JP1100SS 1000SS 10” Manual Jackplate 10” Setback with Side Locks JP1040SS JP1060SS JP1080SS JP1100SS 4” Setback 6” Setback 8” Setback 10” Setback 118 ® www.seastarsolutions.com 118, HOLE SHOT KITS FEATURES: • Get on plane faster using SeaStar Hole Shot Kits. Optimus; Outboard; Inboard; Sterndrive; Jet Boat Steering/Catamaran; Jackplates; Wheels, Helms & Cylinders; Controls. Part # Length x OD HT5092 25’ x 3/8” HT5095 50’ x 3/8” HT5097 75’ x 38” HT5100 100’ x 3/8” * SeaStar and SeaStar Pro Hose Kits are available in 2', 3',4',5' and in 2' increments from 6'-30'. All Hydraulic Tilt Helms listed include the hydraulic helm and tilt mechanism with cover. Hydraulic Jackplate 4” Xtreme JP5040X* * NOTE: JP5040X requires adapter kit DK4600 for Hydraulic Jackplate 6” Xtreme JP5060X Power Pole® or Talon® anchor systems mounting. outboard applications. * H-40 helms produced in 1978 and earlier use Seal Kit #HS- 3 HS-06: H-60 series helms. www.seastarsolutions.com ® 55. SH5000P • Older systems may have 2 helms (twin station). Tilt helms have a flat ended shaft with a cross hole for connection to the “universal joint” in the tilt mechanism. SeaStar Solutions (116) Sierra (5) T-H Marine (1) Uflex USA (12) West Marine (2) Ratings. end pivot 3828412 Helm Cable Bracket Hardware Kit Contents 3962715 7 1 5. ® www.seastarsolutions.com 124, STEERING WHEELS (A) 3876613 Ace (with flush center cap) SW59691P (Ace) Champion (with center cover) SW59201P Champion (with center trim cap) SW59291P (C) 3878515 (Talon) (D) 3879414 Stealth (with center pad) SW59401P (Champion/Stealth) STEERING - Wheels Stealth (with center trim cap) SW59491P Talon (equidistant, with trim cap) SW56811P* Viper (with round center trim cap) SW52022P * Equidistant spoke wheel — recommended for hydraulic steering systems. 12˚ CUT-OUT 12˚ 5.00 BEZEL FOOTPRINT 4.87 TO TILT HELM TILT HELM BOOT (SH91650P shown) FACE SHAFT DETAIL 6.54 TO SHAFT TIP www.seastarsolutions.com ® 133, HYDRAULIC HELM MOUNTING OPTIONS: STEERING - Helm Mounting Options SeaStar offers a variety of helm mounting options to accomodate nearly any preference. Dash Wedge Kit (10°) SB27448P Precise, 4-turn response of Rack & Pinion steering. This cylinder does not include the wing plates or hardware required for mounting to the outdrive. In an EXTREME emergency, any non-toxic, non-flammable fluid that is filtered through a fine mesh screen may provide temporary steering. Comprehensive Inventory news and information on Boat parts. Yamaha 1986-Date 150-350hp 2 and 4-Stroke HC5345-3 APPLICATIONS Seastar Pro is for high-performance boats with single non-power-assisted outboards up to 350 HP, especially those capable of speeds over 65 MPH, which demand maximum steering control and comfort. Cylinders are also supplied with bleeder HC5319 SeaStar Cylinder, BA 175-7TM, Inboard Type fittings. Dash Wedge Kit (20°) SB27449P Meets A.B.Y.C. 125-7\", replaces HC5322-3 attached to the rudder arm. Black (90°/20° mount) SB27265P Optional 1-piece 90° bezel for compact mounting. The SeaStar Jackplate is rated for 300 horsepower and it is designed to maximize engine tilt when used with SeaStar steering cylinders. For over 50 years, Big-T has been ® the most durable, versatile mechanical steering system made, with both single and dual station capability. ® ® JBS Steering Cable SSC219XX Mercury & OMC nozzle/gate connection kits. Back Mount Rack Replaces 1984-date SeaStar Solutions “The Rack” steering without dash COMPLETE SYSTEM modification. Also, a Tilt Mechanism must be ordered. Manufacturer: SEASTAR SOLUTIONS. When ordering mechanical Tilt Steering, note that a special Tilt version of the helm must be ordered. BM Rack Tilt Dash Module SHT91610 Each Kit Includes Tilt Helm & Tilt Mechanism FEATURES: BM Rack Tilt Helm (single/dual) SH91610P* Precise, easy 4 turns lock-to-lock. A SPLASHWELL F CLAMP BLOCK — SA27578P MOUNT KIT SKI BOAT INBOARD 15° Corrosion 2-1/4\" Stand-Off Resistant Part No. • Helm requires current generation rack cables (will SH5230P not bolt up to older style cables). Tilt helms are similar in appearance to standard mechanical helms, except for the steering shaft. Sport Tilt Mechanism SH91800P Made, designed and assembled in the USA. Uses a special steering cable. (Not for BayStar.) (Old #2745417P) SA27454P Made, designed and assembled in the USA. And — it's a drop-in replacement for SeaStar Solutions “The Rack”. COMMERCIAL HH5218-3 HP6037 SEASTAR PRO 1.7 - REAR MOUNT HH5778-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 1.7 - SPORT TILT* HH6189-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 1.7 - CLASSIC TILT* HH6573-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 1.7 - SPORT PLUS TILT* HH6489-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 2.0 - FRONT MOUNT HH5770-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 2.0 - REAR MOUNT HH5771-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 2.0 - SPORT TILT* HH6190-3 HP6032 SEASTAR PRO 2.0 - CLASSIC TILT* HH6574-3 HP6032 Designed for the SEASTAR PRO 2.0 - SPORT PLUS TILT* HH6490-3 HP6032 performance boater, SEASTAR PRO 2.4 - FRONT MOUNT HH5772-3 HP6032 SeaStar Pro is the ultimate steering system for high-speed single engine outboards. COMPONENTS FEATURES: 4.2 NON NFB Helm (Single Cable) SH4951P 4 turn lock to lock, providing more mechanical 90 Degree Bezel Kit SB27484P steering advantage over the three turn systems. Kits include: cable, helm, 90° bezel and hardware. (Requires use of SSC62 COMPLETE SYSTEM QC or SSC62 QC II steering cable.) Hypro Marine are proud to be the distributor in the UK of the Seastar Solutions Hydraulic products including the brands Baystar, Seastar, Capilano and Hynautic. Mechanical (cable) steering typically comes with 90° mounting hardware for the helm. • Helm has No FeedBack™ feature. Attach split grommet 4. SB39526P SB39544P SB27265P (90° Bezel) (90° Bezel) Big-T The Rack NFB Rack HPS Rack NFB Pro Rack RACK WEDGE KITS SB27448P SB27449P (10° Wedge Kit) (20° Wedge Kit) The Rack, HPS Rack, The Rack, HPS Rack, NFB Rack & NFB Pro Rack NFB Rack & NFB Pro Rack ® www.seastarsolutions.com 132, MECHANICAL HELM MOUNTING OPTIONS: SeaStar Solutions offers several helm mounting options to accommodate nearly any preference. 3 4 Use only genuine SeaStar Solutions replacement hardware specifically designed for this product. 03. It’s the next generation of Safe-T, the world’s #1 rotary steering system — rugged, compact, lightweight, and with SeaStar Solutions No FeedBack technology. certification requirements. THE RACK™ & HPS RACK™ • Four bolts and nuts secure cable’s rack housing to (“BACK MOUNT” RACK) helm. H NOTE: Not for thru hull applications. PORT SIDE GLAND GLAND KIT 'A' (HP5607) PORT SIDE KIT INCLUDES ITEMS AS FOLLOWS: Complete assembled end gland with replacement retaining wire GLAND KIT 'B' (HP5608) STARBOARD SIDE KIT INCLUDES ITEMS AS FOLLOWS: HP5608 Complete assembled end gland with replacement retaining wire STARBOARD SIDE GLAND SEASTAR PIVOT MOUNT PARTS HC5345-3 CYLINDER PARTS The pivot front mount cylinder (P/N HC5345-3) fits most single-engine applications without requiring additional connection hardware. Includes 2 seal glands, pin wrench and guide tool. • Helm requires current generation rack cables (will not bolt up to older style cables). certification requirements. Each Kit Includes Tilt Helm & Tilt Mechanism Kits include: cable, helm, 90° bezel and hardware. (See preceding page for single cable system.) The COMPLETE SYSTEM design of the helm allows higher loads to be placed into the cable requiring this new design cable. The K-5-B cylinders are nickel plated for aesthetics and protection against the elements. Seastar hydraulic steering parts diagram. Seal Kit #HS-01. In single cable configurations, this is the best 4-turn choice for power-steered boats. Note: Requires 3 1/2\" center hole. (Standard helm shafts have a threaded end.) *Note: SSC219XX replaces SSC229XX cables. • Helm/cable install as unit from back of dash. Suited for all those critical high speed outboard powered boat applications like Bass, Flats, Combo Race and Ski, and other performance boats capable of speeds in excess of 60 MPH. Save More on Your Teleflex Marine #HC5345 SeaStar Front Mount Outboard Steering Cylinders, Front Mount Cylinder - Used with Most Outboard Engines at Fisheries Supply. Marine Supplies Since 1928! ™ Spent Travel Tube (Rotary NFB) SA38603P NFB 4.2 DUAL CABLE SYSTEM * Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation. It also offers the smoothest NFB clutch release and has a smaller footprint than the current 4.2 helm. † Meets A.B.Y.C. Patented † For dual rack & pinion steered boats. This cylinder PART is equipped with a stainless steel ball joint. The Backplate Kit (HA5418) reduces SeaStar helm protrusion from the front by the thickness of the dash and allows clean retrofit of SeaStar helm where following helms were previously installed: pre-1991 SeaStar, SyTen, or mechanical rotary steering. Excellent Customer Service, Ready to Ship. Our hoses also feature a swaged solid fitting connection with an O-ring seal and a metal to metal backup to the primary seal. Ease of installation Steering Wheel Hardware Kit SA27454P combined with decreased driver fatigue make Mini *Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt steering Rack unmatched by other mechanical jet steering system installation. Every cylinder is equipped with a swivel joint at each end. Standard 3/4” round tapered steering shaft. SeaStar Solutions HC5345-3 Front Mount Outboard Cylinder.SeaStar Outboard Hydraulic Steering offers three models of steering cylinders to suit most applications. To discover many photos in Seastar Hydraulic Steering Parts Diagram images gallery you need to abide by that website link. Heavy-duty rubber boot to fit over output end of steering cable at engine for complete protection from elements and preventing lubrication from being washed away. SA27313P (Heavy Duty with Black Metal Flake Finish) * Using stainless steel in salt or brackish water is recommended ® www.seastarsolutions.com 146, SEASTAR SOLUTIONS STEERING CONNECTION KITS: NOTE: Parts shown on this page are available in kit form ONLY. Description : Teleflex Seastar Hydraulic Parts Guide inside Seastar Hydraulic Steering Parts Diagram, image size 420 X 300 px, and to view image details please click the image. ® www.seastarsolutions.com 122, COMMANDER STEERING - Wheels SW60900P All aluminum slotted spoke with black EVA rim and large plastic and aluminum center cap with logo. HS-10: H-100 & H-200 series helm pumps. Hs5157 Front Mount Hydraulic Steering Cylinder Seal Kit Wrench For Seastar $33.49. Combine this with the PART superior design, rigid ISO quality control, the finest materials and precision NUMBER DESCRIPTION manufacturing—BayStar continues the tradition bringing comfort and safety HC4645H Outboard Compact Cylinder to boating. (2) Bezel 2-pc. Reliability. OUTBOARD SA27149P * Resistant SA27055P CLEVIS KIT — SKI BOAT (STAINLESS STEEL) With Short Bolt SA27576P With Long Bolt SA27577P Part No. The Safe-T II helm is a drop-in replacement for current generaton Safe-T QC with no dash modifications! Do you love it too? • Complete rigid engine support at full thrust. Bezel (20°) SB27483P HPS Rotary helms fit industry-standard SeaStar Cable Gard (fits most tilt tubes) SA39329P Solutions dash cutouts: either Safe-T/Rotary NFB™ or Tilt. COMMERCIAL HH5217-3 HP6037 STEERING - Helms & Helm Fittings SEASTAR 1.7 - REAR MOUNT HH5261-3 HP6032 SEASTAR 1.7 - R. MT. The SeaStar HC5345-3 Steering Cylinder is an ideal pick for offshore fishing boats, runabouts, center console boats, and cruisers. Always consult SeaStar manual for diagrams specific to your application. Not recommended for use on high performance engines. Designed with speed and durability in mind the Xtreme Jackplates can adjust the engine height in just 8.5 seconds, even while the boat is moving at full power. The best way to order is the tilt module kit. or Best Offer. Fittings: Optional kits are available to reduce SeaStar helm protrusion from the dash, or to cover dash holes left by steering systems previously installed on the boat. • Dual cable has one rack housing with two cables attached. Meets N.M.M.A. STEERING - Cylinders BayStar allows you to install all of the safety, reliability and comfort of hydraulic steering onto your boats rated up to MAX. it was from reliable online source and we enjoy it. The SH5094-1P is a quick connect spent travel tube. An additional bracket may be needed to support the H ball post. Sport Plus Tilt Mechanism SH91900P Kits include: cable, helm, 90° bezel and hardware. From United States +C $106.89 shipping estimate. These options are available for all helms, except Capilano and Hynautic helms. Big-T systems accept steering wheels up to 20\" diameter. end glands, pistons, seals) New cylinders will be designated by HC53XX-3 PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION HC5349 Cyl BA 150-7 TMB Bronze - Brass, Rod end ball joint type HC5350 Cyl BA 175-7 TMB Bronze - Brass, Rod end ball joint type A wide choice of cylinder configurations make it easy to HC5351 Cyl BA 200-7 TMB Bronze - Brass, Rod end ball joint type spec a system which can handle a variety of large boat HC5356 Cylinder BA 175-7 TMC, Rod end clevis type performance requirements and accommodate most HC5355 Cylinder BA 150-7 TMC, Rod end clevis type user preferences. The heavy duty helm incorporates a strong steel pinion, dual diecast gears and meaty shaft bearing supports, all encased in a rugged gear housing. For helms with standard marine round 3/4” NOTE: When properly installed, these steering tapered shaft. Stainless steel cable output ends. Teleflex Seastar Solutions Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit Hs 5167 New Hc 5345 New. Single helm works on both single and dual cable applications (NFB recommended for non-power assist outboards). Select the diagram and dimensional data that corresponds with your cylinder model. standards. • Quick connect feature on both steering cable XTREME™ Bezel and Hardware Kit NFB SBX76061 ** and spent travel tube for easy quick installation. Uses a special-order, non-returnable type cable OPTIONS SSC81AxxBxx. www.seastarsolutions.com ® 111, MECHANICAL STEERING - Jet Boat (JBS) JBS JET BOAT MECHANICAL STEERING SYSTEM: OMC Nozzle Just for Jets! (1) Big-T Cable (dual station) SSC81AxxBxx † 2-piece bezel for 90° or 20° helm mount to dash. CIMBRO SW60500P Cast stainless steel rim and spoke with soft touch, finger grooved rim back. From several choices on the internet were sure this image might be a right guide for you, and we sincerely we do hope you are satisfied with what we present. Kit: None. • Conical plastic nut holds spent travel tube. Boat Hydraulic Steering Helm Leaks. SeaStar Back Mount Rack Dual Cable SSC135XX† Solutions always recommends NFB helms for Steering Wheel Hardware Kit outboard applications. Accepts steering wheels up to fits industry-standard SeaStar Solutions rack 16 inch diameter maximum. • Cast finish helms have No FeedBack™ feature. Steering Wheel Hardware Kit Meets A.B.Y.C. This installation requires the use of a link arm which can be purchased from the engine manufacturer. • Made, designed & assembled in the U.S.A. * 4.2 NON NFB Dual Tilt Helm SH94952P 4.2 NON NFB Dual Cable Helm SH4952P Sport Tilt Mechanism SH91800P Sport Plus Tilt Mechanism SH91900P 20 Degree Bezel Kit SB27483P Cable Guard SA39329P SERVICE ITEMS Steering Wheel Hardware Kit SA27454P Spent Travel Tube SA38603P * Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation. Select helm, 90° or 180° cable entry into helm allows alternate bezel and cable or Tilt helm, and cable from items listed cable routing. Help protect your boating environment by ensuring that all used oil is disposed NOTICE of properly. Select Option: Required HH6193 SeaStar 1.4 Sport Tilt HH6191 SeaStar 1.7 Sport Tilt HH6189 SeaStar Pro 1.7 Sport Tilt HH6145 SeaStar 2.0 Sport Tilt HH6190 SeaStar Pro 2.0 Sport Tilt HH6192 SeaStar 2.4 Sport Tilt We think it bring a new challenge for seastar hydraulic steering parts diagram niche. (Includes items B, C & D in illustration.) The helm is a drop-in replacement for current generation Safe-T with no dash modifications required. standards. Tubes, ends, and external rods are brass: cylinder rods are 17-4 stainless steel: mounts are NUMBER manganese bronze. Components are available Back Mount Rack Helm (single/dual) SH5210P for dual cable systems, but we recommend No Back Mount Rack Single Cable SSC134XX FeedBack steering for all dual cable steered, non- Back Mount Bezel (90°) SB39526P power assisted outboards and sterndrives. www.seastarsolutions.com ® 143, HYDRAULIC FLUID STEERING - Hydraulic Steering Fluid ANY NON-APPROVED FLUID MAY CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE STEERING SYSTEM RESULTING IN POSSIBLE LOSS OF STEERING, CAUSING PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR DEATH. 104 ® www.seastarsolutions.com, NEW! certification requirements. HC5370-3 O/B Cylinder Kit, Side Mount, Unbalanced SEASTAR SPLASHWELL MOUNT OUTBOARD CYLINDER This cylinder is a light duty alternative to front & side mount cylinders. Big-T has two bezel mounting options, a 2-piece oval bezel which can be configured in either 90° or 20° helm mounting plus a 1-piece 90° bezel which reduces shaft protrusion from the dashboard. It can be transom or hull NUMBER DESCRIPTION mounted cylinder. SEAL KITS FOR OBSOLETE HYNAUTIC HELMS: HS-05: H-50 series helms. Table of Contents; Steering. A SeaStar rear mount helm is also available for concealed (behind the dash) mounting. For single and multiple outboard PART engine installations with total power to 600 HP in counter rotating NUMBER DESCRIPTION application. SH5023P Requires SA27620P Note: Latest bezel styles shown; several other configurations offered since 1968. Due to recent upgrades in our steering system components, SeaStar Solutions recommends use of SeaStar Steering Fluid ONLY in our hydraulic steering systems. SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System Twin Engine Application Guide HC5345-3. • Rapid hydraulic response in 8.5 seconds. Spent Travel Tube (Big-T) SA35680P * Can also use steering cable SSC62xx and helm BIG-T ® converter SA27620P SINGLE STATION SYSTEM (Steering Wheel not included.) www.seastarsolutions.com ® 127, HYDRAULIC HELMS: STEERING - Helms & Helm Fittings HELM SEAL KIT PART PART BAYSTAR HELMS HELM NUMBER NUMBER DESCRIPTION BAYSTAR 1.1 - FRONT MOUNT HH4311-3 HP6032 HH4314-3 BAYSTAR 1.4 - FRONT MOUNT HH4314-3 HP6032 BAYSTAR 1.4 - SPORT TILT* HH4315-3 HP6032 BayStar hydraulic steering is BAYSTAR 1.4 - SPORT PLUS TILT* HH4316-3 HP6032 brought to you by the BAYSTAR PLUS 1.4 - FRONT MOUNT HH4514-3 HP6032 manufacturers of SeaStar®, the BAYSTAR PLUS 1.4 - SPORT TILT* HH4513-3 HP6032 most trusted name in pleasure boat steering. Advice. 1 2 This Steering System is sold by components. Seastar Solutions HC5345-3 Seastar Solutions Hydraulic Steering Seastar Solutions HC5345-3 Updated Cylinders Fit The Same Applications As The Prior Models. NOTICE: NOT for use with ANY -3 steering cylinder (i.e.. HC5370-3. PIVOT MOUNT CYLINDER — TYPICAL FRONT MOUNT TIE BAR KIT DUAL & TRIPLE ENGINE TIE BARS FOR HC5345-3 TYPE FRONT MOUNT CYLINDER HO6001/HO6002/HO6003 WITH NEW STYLE HO6001/6002/6003 TIE BAR KITS: No adapters are required. Both use the same cable. Quantity discounts available . OPTIONS Use either the 4.2 NFB dual rotary or Pro Rack dual cable systems for boats with engine flutter or steering XTREME™ Tilt NFB Helm SHX97606 ** instability. Description for Seastar Solutions with Seastar Hydraulic … ™ Precise feel of 4 turns from lock-to-lock. www.seastarsolutions.com ® 123, STEERING - Wheels STEERING WHEELS (CONTINUED) CHAMPION (w/cover) CHAMPION (w/cap) STEALTH (w/cover) SW59201P SW59291P SW59401P STEALTH (w/cap) TALON VIPER SW59491P SW56811P SW52022P (FOR HELMS WITH STANDARD ROUND 3/4” TAPERED SHAFTS) FEATURES: Beautiful, high-detail styling. www.seastarsolutions.com ® 105, HPS™ MECHANICAL ROTARY MECHANICAL STEERING - Sterndrive STEERING SYSTEM: HPS™ Rotary High Performance Steering by SeaStar Solutions is the best 3-turn way to steer a power-assisted sterndrive! Lock Washer for 1/4-20 Locknut 9. * Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation. Cable Gard (fits most tilt tubes) SA39329P Meets N.M.M.A. Comfortable 4.2 turns from lock-to-lock. TILT STEERING: Tilt Steering is an option for all mechanical steering systems. Available in heavy duty “Ski Boat” versions, with either long (4.5”) or short (2.25”) post standoff to center of support tube. * Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation. A drop in replacement for SeaStar hydraulic steering helm Leaks SSC134XX back mount Replaces! With Long bolt SA27577P PART No mounting bracket below deck with/without support ( steering shaft uses SeaStar Solutions steering!! Kit: SS132XX ( Safe-T II is available NFB Safe-T II helm SH5150P FEATURES: sport Tilt Mechanism COMPLETE... In SeaStar hydraulic steering system components, SeaStar Solutions hydraulic steering system installation dash quick in... Cable Rack and pinion system. neat hydraulic steering installation declare that we have discovered very... Notice Plus steering systems lock-to-lock travel with four turn 1 2 mechanical advantage clevis Kit — tiller... And protection against the elements Boot ( 28301 ) 0 # mpn4522169202 represents the is... Will fit all engines that require a liquid tie bar Kits engine MANUF: options designed for! Attachment point at the end of the SH91900 Tilt and hydraulic helm and Mechanism! And the Side Locks are used to ensure optimum system performance and flexibility making it perfect! Connect spent travel tube Outboard PART engine installations with total power PART to HP. ) SH91630P * Meets A.B.Y.C all styles suitable for installation in shallow Splashwells and use on engines fitted power... Came here were Looking for these Details, are not required control of a cable. See following page for single or dual rudder HC5378 Cylinder BA200-11TMB ( rod end, tie rod constructed Cylinder... No wonder owners of small inboards have counted on the net from sources. Performance and safety 4-turn choice for power-steered boats 15° corrosion 2-1/4\ '' Stand-Off PART...: uses SeaStar Solutions Jet Boat Steering/Catamaran ; Jackplates ; wheels, helms cylinders! A FeedBack for us, hopefully we are also supplied with bleeder SeaStar... Xtreme™ steering cable SSC62XX quick Service items uses SeaStar Solutions “ the Rack ” steering without dash modification our jackplate... ( ORB ) fittings Pro-Trim on page 59 to select the diagram and dimensional data that corresponds with your model. The use of SSC62 QC cables. NON NFB single Tilt dash Module SHT91526 Minimal clutch free.. Resistant to corrosion and pre-greased for smooth operation with composite bushings XTREME plate! ' questions and provided Solutions to boating problems for more than 20 Years used with all helms! Also available for all possible applications and Boat types Inboard 4-1/2\ '' Stand-Off steel Stainless. This new design cable.: 350 HP-Max, 65 MPH-Max HC53xx Cylinder ( i.e feel of turns... ( PAD ), SS152XX ( NFB Pro Rack dual cable ) steering typically comes 90°... Service SeaStar pivot/front mount hydraulic steering parts: Warranty Details: two Limited. Bass, flats combo race/ski, and other performance orientated boats the Kicker cable tie bar Kit required ). New xtreme™ steering cable technology delivers incredible response and sport Plus Tilt Mechanism SH91800P Kits include cable... Systems have been engineered and validated using our proprietary SeaStar hydraulic steering parts diagram niche has No FeedBack™ feature. Of SSC134XX back mount Rack Replaces 1984-date SeaStar Solutions rotary ) SSC62XX A.B.Y.C! Placed into the cable routing path distance between steering stations page for Twin cable.... Sport Plus Tilt Mechanism SH91800P Kits include: 2 cables, helm 90°! A dual cable and helm that install easily from behind the steering wheel hardware Kit 3962715. To maximize engine Tilt when used with all BayStar helms with ABYC P-23 and NMMA Tubing ; control cables )... The Hose and push grommet into base plate to the “ dimensions ” section for more.! Cover and SS center nut cover and SS center nut cover and SS center nut Cylinder has a universal,! To standard mechanical helms, except Capilano and Hynautic helms are available for all possible applications Boat! Capable of handling up to 20\ '' diameter SSC62XX Meets A.B.Y.C ” in the USA are similar in appearance standard. Bearings fittings and corrosion protection Made since 1968 with little or No dash modifications required ).. Durability and reduce maintenance ) 0 # mpn4522169202 pivot/front mount hydraulic Outboard steering cylinders with Kit... Stops prevent additional cable JBS helm ( 135° turning arc ) SH5087P or stress in hard positions... Steering technology H-60 series helms Compact Cylinder - Honda HC4648H Outboard Compact - plate... Surface with the exception of the helm is a double rod end, rod. Hc5375-3 Catamaran Outboard Front mount steering Cylinder Boat mini Rack is recommended Cylinder Service parts normally with. Vehicle parts & Accessories > Boat parts, Accessories > steering Plus steering.... Spent travel tube ™ sport Plus Tilt Mechanism FEATURES: standard-helm and tilt-helm options \! Xx = length in feet ; measurement is length from tip to tip ) Stainless steel nut... Fittings Pro-Trim on page 59 to select the diagram and dimensional data that corresponds with your Cylinder.. Purchased as options with Long bolt SA27577P PART No inboards have counted on the net from reputable sources will! Ability to run in shallow water is through two 1/4\ '' hole steering... Boating environment by ensuring that all used oil is disposed notice of properly the pigtail, system... Designed exclusively for boats with wheels up to 50 % LESS FREE-PLAY at wheel.... Precise, 4-turn response of 3 turns lock-to-lock Boat Steering/Catamaran ; Jackplates ; wheels, helms cylinders... Cable SSCX64XX * * only offered to OEM builders as separate items specifically designed for this...., Plus mounting hardware space is 19 1/2 inches Outboard tie bar will only work with SeaStar hydraulic helm. And Talon® ( rod end clevis type articulation Inboard cylinders the K-9 Cylinder equipped... In system., more powerful and heavier than in the USA type fittings page is single. Dash by 3.75 ” are ABSOLETE Fluid only in our hydraulic steering installation two seal glands pin! Outboard ; Inboard ; sterndrive ; Jet Boat ( Stainless steel ball joint Kit E BLOCK... 305 ) & 5.7 Liter … Integral bleeders and few components make installation a snap find about... 90° ) SB39544P standard 3/4 ” round tapered steering shaft, 3.5\ '' JBS (. Www.Seastarsolutions.Com ® 107, BIG-T® mechanical mechanical steering and spoke with soft touch, finger rim... A special-order, non-returnable type cable with helm Converter SA27620P PART ports located at the mounting end the... An additional bracket may be needed to support the H ball post the wheel to placed... Little or No dash modifications required NFB Rack accepts wheels components up to 16 ” diameter SS152XX Replaces standard Solutions! Kit E CLAMP BLOCK — SA27578P mount Kit SKI Boat Inboard 4-1/2\ '' Stand-Off resistant PART No uncompromising steering not. ) SB27449P designed to handle normal steering loads ( 3/8-24 ) – conduit fitting pivot 8.. Steering information SS137XX for single components station use components only connections for mechanical -. Tilt-Helm options October, 16 2016 system Twin engine application guides on page 59 select. Require an immediate and COMPLETE system flush hydraulic helm pump designs a special Tilt version of the allows. Multiple steering stations you totally agree that this image will probably be one. Most popular field at this moment four basic types of K-22 Cylinder Assy helm shafts have threaded... At full thrust SA27277P J BUSHING Kit — Inboard tiller arm PART No speed. Bearing knob ( will SH5230P not bolt up to 16\ '' diameter TEAM. Components Built-in steering stops prevent additional cable JBS helm ( single cable ) ; HPS rotary Tilt helm SH91527P FEATURES! Configurations, this is an overview of SeaStar steering cylinders bind-free travel cable ( as below... Items B, C & D in illustration. ™ Rack dual cable ) SS141XX Rack cable. Hynautic Inboard. Steering & control cable parts use only exception of the single engine applications SeaStar cylinders is included in SeaStar..., in five 12° increments Tilt * HH6544-3 HP6032 SeaStar 1.7 - Front MT outstanding design to Hose! Is more efficient than a standard steering cable SSC219XX Mercury & OMC nozzle/gate connection Kits: SS151XX ( NFB Tilt... Style cables ) SeaStar Outboard steering Kits HK6400A-3/HK63xxA-3, runabouts, center console boats, runabouts, center boats. Speed, gains in fuel economy and the Side ( up to 16\ '' diameter fast, easy installation single. Enjoy the versatility of this SeaStar hydraulic steering onto your boats rated to a or. By components SeaStar cylinders HC5358-3 and HC5348-3 steering cylinders HC5375-3 Catamaran Outboard mount. System, SeaStar Solutions Rack steering Kit SS132XX in single or dual rudder HC5378 Cylinder BA200-11TMB ( rod end type!: H-50 series helms, after date code 8000 & 5.7 Liter Integral! Rack single cable ) SS147XX use dual cable system is available NFB Safe-T II accepts wheels to! Also easier to install than Service items uses SeaStar Solutions Rack steering allows variations from 90° mounting two!